More About Me

More about me...


Upon graduating college, I discovered my passion for matchmaking in my employment as a Healthcare Recruiter, pairing healthcare professionals to my clients' job openings.  From there, I turned to IT Recruiting where I learned how important it is to be an active listener and to engage my clients in order to best fill their needs.  I always took great satisfaction making good matches, creating optimal outcomes for my clients and the people they hired.  I took a break from recruiting as I started my family.  During that time, I volunteered for my three children's schools in many capacities including serving as a Board member for the Foundation, where I chaired various committees for large fundraising events.

My family and I have been happily living in the Wallingford-Swarthmore area for the past 19 years.  We found the home of our dreams - a 100 year old Georgian Colonial - and we have been lovingly restoring it since we took possession.  That is when my interest in Real Estate began.  I connected well with my home and our community and I wanted to help others discover the same feeling - more matchmaking for me!!!  I knew a couple of the diggs&dwell Realtors including Brooke.  As luck played out, I was able to join the team supporting Brooke, and I quickly decided to get my own Real Estate license.

Throughout my professional career and my many years of volunteering in our community and in the schools, I have honed skills that make me a good Realtor.  I am dedicated to my clients and will always work to get them the best result.  I continue to strive to make the best matches by listening and understanding the goals of each client.